Expecting Again!

We are expecting our second child sometime the first week in April.  With my first pregnancy, the morning sickness was so severe that I couldn't eat, drink or sit up.  While I still have morning sickness this time around, I am very thankful that I don't have that bad.   

The one thing difficult about being so far away from home is how much I miss the food.  Hawaii has such a wonderful blend of ethnic food.  In downtown Honolulu, you will find Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Greek food all in the same area!  What I have been craving is some good chicken pho (pronounced "fuh" in case you don't know!).  The best pho I have ever had is from the Fort Street Cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii.  


Even though I hadn't been home for over 4 years, when I returned last year for a visit, the owners remembered me!  The couple who owns the restaurant have hundreds of customers.  They are packed for lunch every day so I was surprised.


My husband is out at the grocery store right now getting all the spices, sauces and chicken I need to make my own pho.  I've found a few recipes online that seem promising and hopefully the results will satisfy my current pregnancy craving :).  I will let you know as soon as I find the best pho recipe! 


  1. Congratulations!!
    I was terribly sick when I was pregnant and the only thing to settle my stomach was a Breakfast Jack from Jack in the box....I know


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