Etsy Thursdays: Anista Designs

Christa, the creative mind behind Anista Designs, has a beautiful collection of invitations, tags, journals and more.  I love how she is able to create both elegant and whimsical designs.  I stumbled upon Christa's work when searching for some Alice in Wonderland inspirations.  (For those of you who participate in A Fanciful Twist's Mad Tea Parties you'll want to scroll on down to see what Christa can do.)  Of course I was also hooked once I saw a few Marie Antoinette inspired paper crafts.  Please welcome Christa from Anista Designs!

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
My creative inspiration typically comes from a wide variety of areas: I tend to think my brain works overtime with respect to creativity. I can get inspired by fabrics, random items, the way things are placed etc. Creativity is also seen as an opportunity to see things a little different than what the the norm may see it as. I can get inspired greatly from my client base - when they have a basic idea, I love taking their requests and concepts and bringing them to life. Constant playing around with various ideas (whether it be on my computer or with my stamps) definitely gets me inspired!

How long have you been creating cards and invitations?
I have been creating cards for a few years now - invitations (professionally) for the past year or so. 

How did your Etsy shop come about?
The Etsy shop came about when I went on maternity from being a high school Art teacher. It began by just posting a few select cards up around the holidays...mostly a way to have some additional spending money for personal art supplies. I was requested for some custom invitations and continued to take custom orders, while posting up new creations. A year later and I have started my own website ( apart from Etsy and have taken a leave from teaching to stay at home with my little one, all while pursuing Anista Designs. It has been such an adventure and a fulfilling opportunity!

Which item in your current collection is your favorite?
 As far as my favourites are concerned, I do have a soft spot for my Alice Collection - specifically the wedding invitation. I like it because it provides an opportunity for brides to have an original design for their Alice themed special event. I am most proud of it because it doesn't resemble anything else out there and I feel it showcases the whimsical, creative needs of brides. With respect to non-Alice in Wonderland items, my favourite would have to be a toss up between my perfume label invitation and the gold embossed platter of cupcakes tags.  They bring back fond memories of creating them. The invitation is super elegant and unique and the tags are so luxurious and regal.

Besides Etsy, where else can we find you?
  Besides Etsy, you can find me at:
our website:
(I am an easy one to track down!) :D 

What advice do you have for aspiring art/craft sellers? 
My biggest advice would be to have fun and remember why your craft began as a hobby. Don't lose sight of your passion for your talent. In order to be successful: observe success and failures around you, love and appreciate your client base, work hard but take time for your family, and promote your art. Make your success appear as though it is luck - but secretly, you know there was a LOT of hard work and perseverance to be lucky. ;) Don't try, just "do."


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