Pastel Easter Egg Hunt

This year I was so excited to host an Easter egg hunt as my son is just old enough to begin picking up eggs and putting them into baskets.  Today was a perfectly sunny day complete with a cool breeze.

The boy who lives next door was so excited about this Easter egg hunt that he told his entire Kindergarten class about it.  When his grandma told me about that I laughed!  I love how excited little kids get over the holidays. Needless to say I was expecting a few more guests!

We decided to have an Easter potluck though I provided the desserts (carrot cake cupcakes, vanilla cake pops, lemon sugar cookies, bunny bait, rice krispies treats and lollipops) and panoramic sugar eggs (tutorial coming soon!).  Almost everything I used to decorate this dessert table was either handcrafted by me, bought at a thrift store or with 40 - 65% off coupons. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Happy Easter!


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