Stever's Candies Easter 2013

Stever's Candies is a local favorite in Rochester, NY and have been in business since 1946.  They are usually closed on Sundays but for the weeks leading up to Easter, they are open on from about 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.  I hear that the lines on Easter get so long that it snakes out the door!  

They offer the usual sizes of chocolate bunnies and then my eyes looked over to see the big bunnies (at least 4.5 lbs). Then I saw a gigantic one that weighs 11 lbs and costs $199.00!

The chocolate shop isn't very big but it is jam packed with goodies.  It would be way too easy to spend a lot of money the longer you're in there.  Everyone seems to have their favorites.  Sponge candy, french creams, fresh strawberries and raspberries dipped in chocolate (seasonal item only), sherbet squares and truffles.  (Looking back now, I should have picked up a bag of those caramel robin's eggs.)

 You know that I had to check out their Easter sugar panoramic eggs!  They had them in all sorts of sizes.

What did I take home?  A chocolate covered caramel marshmallow egg and different egg shaped truffle creams (vanilla butter, coconut, maple, raspberry, orange).


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