Neapolitan Macarons


A classic childhood favorite made into a macaron.  I used a french buttercream for the frosting on the inside because it tastes so much like vanilla ice cream.  French buttercream adds egg yolks cooked with a hot sugar syrup much in the same way Swiss buttercream is made.  The buttercreams made with egg whites must be eaten at room temperature because it otherwise tastes like you're eating a cold stick of butter.  French buttercream, on the other hand, tastes fine chilled.  

For the chocolate macaroons, all I did was add 3 tablespoons of dark chocolate cocoa powder to my almond flour and icing sugar before giving it a whirl in my food processor.  The strawberry macaron can be made with strawberry extract or the powder from dehydrated strawberries.  

I use Syrup and Tang's method for making macarons (you must use a scale!).  


Hope you're having a wonderful week!


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