Happy Saint Lucia Day!

Last night while I was putting together my saffron buns to bake this morning to celebrate Saint Lucia, I discovered that my newly bought butter was rancid! Yikes. I made a late night run to the grocery store to get a new batch of butter but in the meantime my Saint Lucia bread overproofed :( They still tasted delicious with a dusting of sugar but a little more puffy than I'd like.

I have shared a recipe to make Saint Lucia Saffron Buns if you'd like to know how to make them.  It's an easy, no kneading bread recipe.  I make it overnight because that's what's easiest for me but you don't need to wait 24 hours.  The dough can be baked in as little as 2!

If you've never heard of Saint Lucia's Day, Rick Steves has a European Christmas clip discussing how Saint Lucia is celebrated in Norway.

This little girl sings a beautiful song at the beginning of a Saint Lucia celebration in Stockholm, Sweden.

 Happy Saint Lucia Day to you!  


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