DIY Easter Egg Topiaries

Yesterday I showed you how I made my Spring tulip wreath.  Today, I'd like to show you I made this egg topiary.  I had made egg topiaries before but I took them apart to make these new ones.  The old ones I had made looked nearly identical to the one pictured below from Restoration Redoux. (Shanna does a fabulous job showing how she made these egg topiaries if you're interested in making something similar to hers.)

The following instructions are for two Easter egg topiaries.  Each tree uses 20 eggs.  Since I already had the eggs, I repainted over the pearl finish to make them brighter and added glitter for sparkle.  The pearl eggs (as you can see from the above photo) are beautiful.  They are from Michaels.

Easter Egg Topiaries
1. Two Foam Cones or Paper Mache Cones (about 12" in height)
2. Two Preserved Moss Sheets
3. Egg vase fillers
4. 6" Faux Flower Garland (got mine at Michaels at 50% off)
5. Glitter Butterflies (Michaels at 50% off)
6. Small grapevine wreath (found mine at thrift store but you can go to any craft store)
7. Pearl Berries (found blue and pink ones at 40% off at JoAnns)
8. Glue gun 
9. Cream Colored Urns (I got mine at Walmart)

1.  If you have a paper mache cone like I do, you'll have to snip off the top so you can place an egg there.
2. Glue preserved moss sheet onto your cone of choice.  (I had 12" cones at home so that's what I used).
3.  Glue your eggs on.  
4.  Then add leaves, flowers (from garland), pearl berries and butterflies.
5. Wrap a grapevine strand around the topiary.

Here's a last look at how it all came together.

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