Colorado Renaissance Festival & Fairy Costumes

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.  They have elephants and camels to ride.  Little shops for kids to get dressed up as fairies or knights.  Of course, you can't forget about the turkey legs and frozen pina coladas.   My favorite part of going there was seeing all the costumes and Twig the Fairy in person!  I didn't dress up this year but creating my own costume is the goal for next year. 

Twig the Fairy

Here are some of the costumes sold at the festival.

I just recently purchased some medieval costume patterns to create my own.  Fairy Nana Land was one of my favorite Etsy fairy costume designers.  Sadly, she no longer makes costumes but you've probably seen her work around on the web!  Here are some of my favorites of hers: 


Another favorite costume designer of mine is Firefly Path.


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