DIY Tomato Cage Witch & Ghosts

-  33" Tomato cage
-  8" styrofoam ball 
-  Adhesive black felt 
-  Glue gun 
- 2.5 yards white fabric (for ghost) OR green fabric (for witch)
-  12.5 yards of 108" width white tulle (for ghost) OR 12.5 yards of 108" width black tulle with and 6" sparkle tulle (for witch)
- Child's witch hat (this one was in the dollar bin at Target).
- Red glitter card stock or red glitter felt (Hobby Lobby has a great selection).
- 2.5" width ribbon of choice
- White Christmas lights 

1.  Press styrofoam ball onto tomato cage.
2.  Wrap white Christmas lights around the tomato cage If you want the tomato cage.
3.  Drape fabric and layer tulle
4.  Tie ribbon underneath the styrofoam ball

5.  Draw out 2" ovals on the adhesive side of the black felt.  Cut out the ovals and use glue gun to attach the eyes onto the ghost.  (The adhesive side isn't strong enough to remain on the ghost but it's nice having the paper on the sticky side to draw out your ovals.)

For the witch:
1. Set the styrofoam ball onto the tomato cage and drape the green fabric on top.
2.  Using colored 6" tulle, tie a long strip around the neck of the witch and make a knot.

3.  With each color that you choose cut off a strip (one that is long enough for both sides to each the floor - about 62" or 1.7 yards long) then loop around the tulle that is tied around the neck.  Alternate your colors and keep trying strips around the neck until you get your desired fullness.  

4.  Tie black tulle around the witch for her cape.  Then using a ribbon, tie a bow around her neck.  
5.  Cut out lips from red cardstock/felt and hot glue it into place.  (The art from Wicked was my inspiration for the lips for my tomato cage witch).  

6.  Add hat and you're finished! 


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