Michaels Frosted Forest Christmas Collection 2017

Several years ago, I chose a bright Candyland color palette for one of my Christmas trees. This year I wanted to do a more subtle color scheme. When I went to Michaels, I found the perfect inspiration in their Frosted Forest collection. 

The colors are metallic and soft. Champagne, gold, ivory, silver and rose gold are the focus of this collection which is now 50% off in stores. Every time I've stopped by the store, I keep telling myself that visit will be the last time but no...I keep finding more things to add to my growing collection!  

 I purchased the dark blush poinsettias, fruit swags and floral picks, rose gold roses and a sheer gold ribbon to put around the tree. I'll post what I've done with this collection soon! Till then... 
Happy Holidays! 


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