15 Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers Ideas

The first time I hosted an Easter egg hunt for my kiddos and their friends, I filled their eggs with candy for the most part. Some of the kids actually wanted to see more toys within the eggs which I thought was surprising not to mention that a bit of the candy went to waste (though there were no Skittles or Starburst left over!). 

This year, I want to do more toys than candy (though plenty of Easter goodies will be available on the dessert table). Since I planned on having eight kids over for an egg hunt, I stuffed about 200 eggs with the following: 

1. Hot Wheels
2. Mini Playdough
3. Kaleidoscope (Walmart)
4. Bubble Rings (Walmart)
5. Markers (Walmart)
6. Stamps
7. Fuzzy Chicks (Hobby Lobby)
8. Easter Rubber Ducks (Oriental Trading)
9. Stickers
10. Toy Dinosaurs/Bugs/Lizards (Walmart)
11. Easter Egg Silly Putty (Walmart/Oriental Trading)
12. Mini Easter Maze Stampers (Oriental Trading)
13. Bouncy Balls
14. Wrist Bands (Walmart/Oriental Trading)
15. Erasers/Crayons

Side note: I had ordered a pack of 48 sticky frogs from Oriental Trading (that's just the number available in one package). The frogs were a lot smaller than what I would have guessed. I have a quarter next to one as an example. I would not order these again. If they were 2-3x the size then they would have been perfect but as they are, I think they could get confused with gummy candy or they're just not big enough.

I am so excited for my kiddos this year. I think they are really going to enjoy the Easter eggs because of the variety. Of course I do have some eggs stuffed with candy but not such an overwhelming amount as the first time around (sweets is just what you get with a momma who loves to bake!). 

Right now, Hobby Lobby has their Easter on sale at 40% off. Oriental Trading also has their Easter toys on sale at the moment (different percentages off on this website). Be sure to search for a free shipping coupon code!


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