Etsy Thursdays: Lilacs in Bloom

People often get a look of pity on their face when I tell them that I am from Hawaii and am now living on the East Coast.  Something that I have learned being an Army brat is to appreciate where you are and be proactive in finding ways to enjoy your time.  What I have been looking forward to here during my time in Western New York is The Lilac Festival held in Rochester.

The festival is held at Highland Park every May.  There are 500 varieties of lilacs to view along with craft fairs, entertainment and food.  I've seen pictures of lilacs but have never smelled one myself.  According to what I've read, lilacs are among the most aromatic flowers.  They bloom for only a few weeks in Spring each year. 

In anticipation of the festival here are some lilac inspired items on Etsy.

Lavender Floral Sweet Romance Country Soft Dress in Purple

Fine Art Photography

Violet Macarons

Lilac Headband


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