Magical Places

Ever have those days where you want to escape a bit?  I had to take my little man to get his blood drawn today for lead and anemia.  This was part of his routine check-up that I was supposed to complete several months ago (you can tell I was avoiding it!).  I was anticipating that it was going to be much worse than it was.  Thank goodness the tech was quick and efficient.  Just one poke!

Last night I was so nervous about his appointment today that I had a hard time thinking about anything else.  Luckily my favorite show, Once Upon A Time, was on to give me an hour of distraction.  This fairy tale show gave me some inspiration as I was browsing through pinterest.  



  1. Beautiful selection of pictures to take one's mind off of hard stuff. Hope your little man is doing well.
    Always, Queenie

  2. These pictures are perfect for escaping for a bit! I think I'll have to break down and give Pinterest a try.

  3. Queenie Believe: He is doing very well! Forgot about it before we even left the hospital.

    Heathen: Pinterest is useful for collecting ideas though sometimes I find my images have been deleted. It's very addicting!

  4. thank you for sharing these wonderful imaginative images! and prayers for your little man. i love that show, too!

  5. Thanks Shari :) He's doing good. I think his mama was more traumatized haha!


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