15 Things I love About My Husband

Amanda from I Am Mommy (also has a wonderful baking blog called I Am Baker) wrote about 15 things she loves about her husband.  When you've been with someone for a decade or so the most challenging thing is to not treat each other like roommates.  It's the day-to-day things that can slowly start to eat away at your relationship.  Taking the time to reflect on what you love about your partner can make all the difference in keeping things in perspective.

So here goes...
  1. He loves me unconditionally.  Unfortunately I never felt this way from anyone including my immediate family until I met my husband.  I don't know who quoted this but I once read that if someone can't love you at your worst then they don't deserve you at your best.  That's what my husband has done for me.  Over the years he has seen all sides of me and loves me no matter what.
  2. He is my best friend.  No one comes close as far as who I can be vulnerable, honest and authentic with. 
  3. I can trust him wholeheartedly.  Anyone who is around him senses that.  He's dependable and completely trustworthy.
  4. No matter how important his job is he puts family first.  He may have phone calls to make, important things to do but family always come first.
  5. He is a good father.  I can see how much he loves our son.  He doesn't mind changing diapers, feeding him or bathing him. 
  6. He kills bugs no matter what time of day or night.  Therefore he is my hero.  If you live in a tropical region, you know that on occasion bugs will find their way into your home no matter how clean it is.  It doesn't matter how large they are or if it's 2 am, he will annihilate them for me.  He is protective of me in general.  Always thinking of my best interest.
  7. He is a man of integrity. Sticks to his word, has a good sense of morals, always does his best to do the right thing.
  8. He is humble.  No matter how brilliant and talented he is, he does not walk around thinking that he is better than anyone else.
  9. He is a Christian man.  I am so blessed that my partner in this life loves God.
  10. He enjoys the simple things in life.  A good meal, time spent at home with family and chocolate chip cookies.  Definitely not high maintenance.
  11. He is well-rounded.  He loves classical music and football.  He'll come with me to museums and botanical gardens but also knows how to fix cars.  
  12. His intelligence paired with his gentle spirit makes him the go-to guy among his co-workers, friends and family.  He always wants to help someone out.
  13. He has beautiful eyes and smile.  I am thankful that my son inherited both!  Hopefully he will have his father's character too!
  14. He is always supportive of my creativity.  Whether it's sewing, painting, photography or cooking (his favorite!)
  15. He loves my cooking and baking!


  1. Aww thanks Amanda! Can't believe you took the time to read and comment on my post :)


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