Spring Blossoms and Little Man's First Playdate!

Spring has arrived a wee bit late in Western NY but I am thankful.  We've had a few days of sun sprinkled here and there.  The gorgeous pink cherry blossoms and magnolias have come into bloom.  I wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather and so my little man had his very first playdate this afternoon.

It's so nice meeting other women who are experiencing similar things that I am.  I do my best to be very punctual but that doesn't always work with babies.  They have their own schedule.  Today little man had a later than usual nap time which I woke him up from (big mistake!) so that we could arrive at our playdate on time.  He screamed the entire way there.  It took him a while to calm down and be his usual happy self.

One of the other moms arrived 45 mins late because of her baby's nap.  While some might be annoyed with her tardiness, it made me think that perhaps I should have called to see if we could have delayed the playdate so that my little man could finish his nap.  His well-being should have been more important than my desire to be on time. Lesson learned.


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