Father's Day: Kalbi (Korean BBQ Short Ribs)

 This June 19th will be DH's first Father's Day.  He is an amazing husband and father.  DH wouldn't want an elaborate dessert table, care if there are any Father's Day decor or even want a card.  I know my husband.  The perfect Father's Day for him would be to grill, watch football or a movie, and eat some chocolate cake.  He loves grilling so much that even when there's a foot of snow outside he still thinks about grilling.  DH, while appreciative, is not impressed when I make the perfect macaron.  What knocks his socks off is when I tell him that I've got some BBQ chicken and kalbi marinating in the fridge.

DH loves kalbi (Korean BBQ short ribs).  In the recipes below they talk about getting the right cut of meat.  If you have a Sam's Club membership, you're in luck.  You don't have to get the short ribs cut by a butcher, Sam's Club already has it in prepackaged and ready to go in the meat section.  It's thicker than the usual cut of kalbi but the meat comes out perfectly delicious anyway.

It's best to marinate the short ribs overnight to get the best flavor.  If you don't have a grill you can use your oven.  Put your oven racks a few inches from the top coils, line your cookie pan with aluminum foil before placing the meat on it, set your oven to broil alternating low and high every two minutes until the meat is cooked.  Keeping a close eye on the meat as don't want anything to catch on fire!

Click on picture for Bobby Flay's recipe!

It's hard getting a Korean mom to give out recipes as most don't use measurements.  They use handfuls of this and eyeball the amount of liquids used in any recipe.  Trying to give you my mom's recipe for kalbi is next to impossible.  If you want an authentic Korean recipe have no fear Maangchi is here.  I love her.  The famed pastry chef David Lebowitz is also one of her fans.  Maangchi is a Korean cook who has broken down Korean recipes into specific measurements (no easy feat!) for those of us who need it.  She has her own set of Youtube videos and blog all about Korean food.  She has made my time away from Hawaii so much more manageable than what it would have been otherwise.  I'm learning so much more about my heritage by learning how to cook Korean food.

Click picture for Maangchi's Kalbi recipe!

My Dad, like DH, loves to grill and read.  Since he's thousands of miles away across the U.S. I send him Borders gift cards every year so he can get the latest Tom Clancy novel.  If we were back home in Hawaii we'd be at the beach having a picnic together as a family.  How will you be celebrating Father's Day?


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