Aloha Fridays: Byodo-In Temple

Another must see spot on our trip back home was the Byodo-In Temple.  When you first arrive into The Valley of the Temples you wouldn't guess that there is a Buddhist temple nestled in Ko'olau mountains.

Then as you drive closer you see the beautiful red-hued temple just after the bridge.

This temple is a half-sized replica of 900-year-old Buddhist temple at Uji in the Kyoto Prefecture of Japan.  Surrounding the temple are large koi ponds, lush Japanese gardens with wild swans and peacocks strutting about. 

The temple was built with the hope that the religion and culture of Japan would be preserved in Hawaii.  The Byodo-In temple was dedicated on June 7, 1968 nearly 100 years to the day that the first Japanese immigrants arrived to the Hawaiian islands.

A three-ton brass peace bell is on the left-hand side of the temple just as you walk over the bridge.

 A 9-foot wooden lotus Buddha sits inside of the temple.  It is covered in gold and lacquer.  Before you go into the temple itself, you must take off your shoes.

Although I am not Buddhist, I appreciate the beautiful details of this temple. Had I not pursued a nursing degree in college I would have liked to have studied architecture.  One of my favorite classes that I took as an elective was Asian Art History.  The temple is beautiful isn't it?  I hope you enjoyed my tour of the Byodo-In temple.  Have a great weekend!  


  1. Adorei sua visita ao templo...Obrigada por me escrever...em portugues!!! Adorei!! Bom final de semana!

  2. My grandmother is buried at the adjoining cemetery. One of the most beautiful spots on Earth, in my opinion.


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