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I adore most things French -- the French language, architecture, food and art!  In fact, I just ordered two macaron books as an early Christmas present for myself this past week.  (For any macaron fans out there Pierre Herme just came out with the English language of his macaron cookbook.  These books tend to double or triple in price once they've sold out. A BIG thank you to David Lebowitz for his post about it!) 

Paper Nosh on Etsy has the most beautiful set of Marie Antoinette invitations that I have ever seen.  The designer, Paulette Kinney, happens to be one of my favorite graphic artists.  Despite having such a hectic schedule, she graciously responded to my interview questions.  I am so excited to introduce her to you!

Please keep in mind my love for Marie Antoinette in the following pictures and know that Paulette does beautiful custom invitations, stationary and more -- just send her a message! 

Alice In Wonderland Tea at Four O'Clock Invitations or Card Set

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
"I would like to say "Historical Research", but although that is part of it and my library is full to the brim, I have what they call "Magical Thinking"......little plays run through my head all day long and at night too, ( sometimes that's unfortunate if I need sleep), and it sets off the creation of yet another card or invitation design.   I consider Marie Antoinette and the Royal French court at Versailles in my favorite centuries, ( 17th through the 19th ) to be my muse.    I love beautiful costumes and as we all know....this was the height of a bit of beautiful fashion design and ludicrous over the top there was no mistaking the feminine."

 Finery and Frippery Francaise de Costume Card set of Six with Glitter and Sparkle

How long have you been crafting/drawing?  
"I was an interior designer for 25 years, drawing, illustrating and using that magical thinking to create beautiful homes for my clients.   I don't really consider myself a "crafter", but a creator of beauty in print...paper is a huge part of my process.   I have honed my art in this respect with Paper Nosh Printed Paper Luxuries since 2005....but art has surrounded me my whole life......from beautiful furniture to music,costume and historical architecture,with a little "silly" thrown in for good measure."


How did your Etsy shop come about?
"I worked so hard to create my cards and invitations and published them on my own website....they sat there and it was so friends who loved my creations tried to make me feel better that it was just because of SEO and no one was seeing my creations.   I found Etsy one time through my searches and eyed it for a few months before secretly opening a store there in August of 2007.    It exploded for me almost immediately, so much so that by October I couldn't keep up with orders or the keeping the secret from my friends any longer.  I was thrilled with customers who appreciated what I could with that encouragement I eventually opened where now most of my sales in card and custom wedding invitation design take place."



Which item in your current collection is your favorite?
"It's always the newest, which right now is my Marie Antoinette Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas card.....not published yet as I also have to be a "photographer" ( although not a very good one) and have yet to get past Halloween to set up for the Christmas shoot."

"Although after all of these years my favorite card is the one that started it all and that is the original blue Let Them Eat Cake......Madame DuBarry Dreams of Marie Antoinette....which also is my favorite in friends call me "the Pioneer" or the first to introduce the explosion of Marie Antoinette design to Etsy.    My design came about from a beautiful vintage Madame DuBarry powder box in my one was doing Marie at the time......but I had to have a way of using that gorgeous powder box on a card, and I found it through this card creation."


Besides Etsy, where else can we find you?
"My for my couture hand-made line and my oldest store for Pred a Porter or ready made designs at PauletteParisin Zazzle.   That store has been there since 2006 and it's been the store surprisingly, where I get most of my private work for my handmade's also good for custom business cards or branding for a clients new business....letterhead, cards, stationery with a custom created logo."

What advice do you have for aspiring art/craft sellers?   
"My best advise is to be original....find your own niche, purchase a good design program and publish good art.....something you can be proud of.   Be prepared to work 17-18 hours a day, neglect your family and pets, answer all your emails immediately and most importantly be your own cheerleader with a good friend to chime in from time to time to hold you up during the tough times !   My mother always said "if you're going to do something then do it well and be the best you can be".......she always had those sort of euphemisms that really still hold true for me every day!"

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  1. Adorei...Já sou seguidora desta linha em seu blog e acho o máximo cada criação...

  2. Just wanted to pop by and say "Thank You" Jen !! It was fun :))


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