Etsy Thursdays: Meet Caroline from Hummingbird Miniatures!

 This past week I received my Laduree: The Sweet Recipes cookbook. Inspired by the beautiful images, I set about looking for Laduree inspiration on Etsy.  When I found this Laduree inspired wedding cake, I did a double take.

Laduree Pink Wedding Cake

Isn't this gorgeous?  What's even more impressive is this Laduree cake is only 3.2 inches in height.  Amazing right? I can't believe how realistic this looks!

Caroline, the creator of this Laduree inspired cake at Hummingbird Miniatures, also has a fairytale line at Pixie Dust Miniatures complete with bubbling cauldrons, jars of pixie dust, unicorn horns, glowing pumpkins and dragonskin spellbooks as you'll see below.  Without further adieu, please give a warm welcome to Caroline!

Golden Goblin Cauldron

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
"When I make my miniature food for Hummingbird Miniatures I am pretty much inspired by food in cookbooks and the restaurants around LA which I eat in. I love to try to recreate it in miniature and make it look as real as possible.
When I make my miniature magic for Pixie Dust Miniatures ( I am inspired by fairy-tales."

Marie Antoinette Parlour Cakes

Strawberry Patisserie Cake

How long have you been creating miniatures?
"I made my first miniatures when I was about 8 years old (21 years ago!) As a child I tried making tiny things for the little people which I believed lived in the trees behind my house!"

 Bubbling Cauldron

Old Dripping Candle Set

Minty Chocolate Halloween Cake

How did your Etsy shop come about?
"I discovered Etsy when I discovered blogging, just over a year ago. It's such a great forum."

 Unicorn Horns

Which item in your current collection is your favorite?
I love making items for the seasons, and Halloween is my favourite time of year, so I love making my Minty Chocolate Halloween Cake the most. It's been pretty popular! Second to that I love making my birthday cakes with candles.

Besides Etsy, where else can we find you?
"I sell at miniature fairs. The next one will be at the Philadelphia Miniature Show in Nov ( I'll possibly open an eBay shop as well, but for now I really love Etsy!"

Opening Dragon Skin Spellbook

Phoenix Feather Quill & Ink Pot

What advice do you have for aspiring art/craft sellers?
"My advice is to keep it original and come up with your own designs and then perfect it. Unfortunately there are copycats around who re-make people's designs and sell them for less, but the best thing is to be original and make sure you do what you do better than anyone else so you stand out."

Laduree Halloween Protiferoles

It has been a pleasure to have you here at CastlesandCarriages Caroline. 
Thank you again for your interview :) 

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