A Healthier Pregnancy

With my first child, I gained 67 lbs.  Sure I ate a lot of veggies and fruits but I didn't exercise very much.  Having morning sickness for 4.5 - 5 months straight wasn't helpful either.  Thankfully, I was able to lose all the weight with breastfeeding and eating smaller meals throughout the day.  

I am now 14 weeks along with my second child and, unfortunately, I am clearly on the way to repeating the massive weight gain.  For about 6 weeks straight, I couldn't really move from my bed.   That in combination with all the toast and crackers I eat to keep my morning sickness at bay has been really adding up on the scale!  


I don't normally blog about my personal life but I need something to help keep me accountable during these next 6 months.  

The Healthy Apron

While I would love to look like this at 35 weeks...

 Let me be realistic instead.  I tend to gain weight in the lower half of my body.  I am only in my 2nd trimester and my thighs are already bigger than hers LOL!  A more obtainable goal is for me to be as healthy as possible and aim to gain half as much weight this time around.

I'll have some of my more usual blog posts up as my morning sickness comes to an end but don't be surprised to see more healthy pregnancy posts!  Thank you for coming along with me on my journey to having a healthier pregnancy.


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