Healthy Pregnancy: Motivation to Exercise

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The quote above is easier said than done but it's so true.  This morning I felt nauseated and not particularly motivated to go out for a walk but I did it anyway.  I walked for 15 minutes then raked leaves for 35 minutes.  Afterward, I still felt nauseated but at least I didn't spend that entire time lying on my bed. 

One of the exciting things about getting close to the halfway point in pregnancy is that my morning sickness subsides and I can really focus on having the best birthing experience.  I wasn't in the best physical shape with my first pregnancy but preparing myself mentally and emotionally made such a huge difference when it came time to deliver.  Listening to positive pregnancy affirmations, exercising and spending time in prayer is what works for me. 

Here are my mind, body and spirit pregnancy goals for this week:
  • Mind: Begin listening to positive pregnancy affirmations every night.
  • Body: Spend time each day walking.  The time is determined by how I feel that day (I'm still not completely out of the woods when it comes to my morning sickness).  If I can walk a little longer, I will do so.  If not, I won't stress.
  • Spirit: Meditate upon encouraging scripture. 


  1. Your goals are wonderful. Blessing to you for saying yes to life.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. wow .. your blog is full of motivation, tips and tricks for pregnant women.
    Make them feel healthy and happy during pregnancy.
    Thank you for this information very useful!!!
    Best Regards,


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