DIY Advent Calendar

I was inspired by Rach of Family Ever After to do my own version of the Pottery Barn Advent Calendar.  She detailed every single step of how she put together her advent calendar (and it looks almost identical to the Pottery Barn Telluride Advent Calendar).  I really relied on her instructions to make this happen.  Thank you Rach!

I did a few things differently than she did.  The first thing I worked on was the pockets because I knew that would take me the longest to do!  I went to my local craft stores for Christmas buttons, tiny bells and flatback crystals and used them to embellish my pockets.  (I plan on adding crystal snowflakes next year.)  Also, I didn't do much of step 5 in her guide.  I just sewed the two pieces of felt and batting together.   

This is what I chose to do for my pockets:
1. Snowman
2. Bell
3. Santa Hat *Purchased from Michaels, holly added*
4. Gingerbread Man
5. Snow Globe
6. Stocking
7. Train
8. Candy Canes
9. Drum
10. Nutcracker
11. Christmas Tree
12. Ice Skate
13. Sugar Plum Fairy
14. Present *Purchased from Michaels*
15. Poinsettia
16. Pinecone
17. Ornament
18. Penguin
19. Reindeer flying over forest *Reindeer and trees purchased from Michaels*
20. Candle
21. Dove
22. Cross
23. Snowflake *Purchased from JoAnn*
24. Angel
25. Baby Jesus

Although this is a little late for Christmas this year, you could head on over to your local craft store to pick up some Christmas embellishments to create an advent calendar for next year!  I echo what Rach said about this being a lot of work but at the same time I am happy that I have my own customized advent calendar for my boys to enjoy for years to come.


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