George Eastman Gingerbread Exhibit 2012

The George Eastman Museum has an annual gingerbread house exhibit where anyone can submit their sweet creation to be auctioned off (the proceeds benefit the museum).  Everyone from professional bakers to Girl Scout troops join in.  Here are some of the highlights from my recent visit to the museum.

I love the fairytale themed gingerbread houses.  Rapunzel's tower and the sweet mouse teapots were so delightful.  That car looks like it would make some little boy somewhere very happy! 

Some of the gingerbread creations were not only decorated on the outside but also on the inside.  I had a hard time capturing all the details with my camera but a few had fondant people and lit Christmas trees inside the houses.  Something they should include on the gingerbread registration form is how many hours it took to build and decorate their submission.  I can't imagine how many hours it took just for planning alone!

Here is the replica of the White House that was lit from within.    But above all my absolute favorite was this cathedral made by Betsi and Cammi Johnson.  

Betsi is a pediatric nurse and Cammi is a high school sophomore.  Over 400 pieces of gingerbread were used to recreate St. Basil's Cathedral.  Here is a close up of the side view...

The auctions all begin at $25 but this one is going for $250!  The very last day to see these gingerbread houses is this Wednesday December 12th.  I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season wherever you are and found some inspiration for creating your own gingerbread house.


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