Etsy Thursdays: Christmas Inspiration

Here are some of my favorite Christmas Etsy inspirations this week.  This is my favorite season of the year.  I have so many ornaments that they can't all fit in one tree.  I haven't convinced my husband just yet that we need a second tree (but we do!).  I adore the laser cut wooden cross ornament below.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I hope you're having a fantastic week. 

Wood Ornaments

Silver Bowl

Ho Ho Ho Banner
Christmas Art Print
Music Sheet Candles, Reindeer Pillow & Wreath
Leg Warmers
Christmas Gift Bag
9" Candy Canes
Glitter Bottle Brush Trees
Partridge, Pear, Tree Card


  1. lots of beauty and o my, that baby is adorable in those striped leg warmers!! hope you are having a wonderful season!! silvery winter wishes to you...

  2. So many beautiful things to see in the stores and now so many more on line! Such fun things.

    Yes, I stir my centers by hand. I have tried the Kitchenaid but it didn't work too well. We just slowly keep it moving and sometimes when we are just tired of it we walk away and then sometimes I turns by itself. I was taking some step by step pictures the other day to try and blog some cream centers. Hopefully I will get that posted!


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