Easter Inspiration: Peter Rabbit & Carrots

Carrots of Many Colors

This Easter will be the first time I host an Egg Hunt.  My little one is just old enough to hold a basket and pick up eggs.  We're going to have it in my backyard.  I had such a hard time deciding whether I should go with a more traditional pastel color scheme or this Peter Rabbit color scheme.  

Can you see Peter Rabbit's blue coat, fresh vegetables, terracotta pots and lots of carrots in this colorway?  I love it!  Although I decided to go with a pastel color scheme this year (because of some Easter crafts that I have going on right now) next year will be all about Peter Rabbit!  Here are my favorite Peter Rabbit and carrot images this week.

Peter Rabbit Birthday

Carrot Crescents filled with Egg Salad

Carrot Basket

Personalized Sugar Cookie

Easter Favors

Spicy Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot Stakes


  1. I was blown away by the first picture of the amazing range of carrot colors and then all the carrot crafts, WOW. Sooooo much inspiration!
    All the best with the party planning.
    Have a great day,
    Always, Queenie

  2. Hi, Jen
    Your comment touched my heart! Especially about the Proverbs 31 woman. And taking care of babies and housework and all that is involved 'seems' like a mundane job, but it really isn't. And the cooking and the washing. Sometimes it is hard to find joy in the mundane,(as, at times, it IS a 'thankless' job!) but I had never really thought of it before but it does say 'She shall rejoice, in time to come.' So, maybe when we get older (I AM older!) is when our rejoicing comes to fruition, and we can look back on all of our labors and say 'It was worth it all!'
    Teresa in California
    Have fun with your Easter celebration! All the photos are lovely!

  3. add to what Teresa in Calif. said: when they are all grownups and come to visit, with your precious grandchildren, you WILL be rejoicing!!! jen, i LOVE the "carrot" basket, but the "carrot cresents with egg salad sound so yummy!!! your posts are always such a pleasure!

  4. Queenie: Thank you! Who knew there were purple carrots?

    Teresa: Being industrious and enterprising is a function of God's gifting and wisdom working through you. Thank you for your encouragement. That really means a lot to me because I've been needing it lately!

    Shari: The image of my future grandchildren is so inspiring. I know that my son won't always be the age he is now and someday I am definitely going to miss it. I want to see him grow up yet stay the same forever.


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