Spring Cleaning 2012

It's that time again for a little Spring cleaning in my home.  I've been gradually attacking this list day-by-day.  Since the weather has been unusually good, I also want to make sure that I take my little man outside for a little bit every day to enjoy the sunshine.  It'll take me a bit longer to get everything done.

I've taken a look around at various Spring cleaning lists and tailored the following tasks for my home.  I hope you get some good ideas about how to tackle your Spring Cleaning :)

  1. Clean the inside of the refrigerator and freezer
  2. Oven and microwave
  3. Wash inside of windows
  4. Wipe down walls
  5. Vacuum inside of cabinets
  6. Dust top of refrigerator
  7. Reorganize pantry
  8. Wipe the outside of refrigerator
  9. Sweep and mop kitchen floor
  10. Dust refrigerator coils
  11. Throw out expired medicines, vitamins, herbal products
  12. Wash outside windows and wipe with squeegee
  13. Wash ventilation hood
  14. Wash kitchen rug
  15. Recycle plastic bags, bottles etc.
  16. Wash out kitchen trashcan with Lysol
Living room 
  1. Clean window treatments
  2. Wash inside of windows
  3. Vacuum                                                               
  4. Wipe walls and ceilings
  5. Shampoo carpets
  6. Dust shelves and electronic units
  7. Clean and condition wood
  8. Vacuum underneath couch cushions, fluff pillows etc.
  9. Launder pillows
  10. Dust windowsills
  • Bathrooms
    1. Throw out expired cosmetics
    2.  Update First Aid Kit
    3. Organize toiletries, makeup and medicine
    4.  Vacuum and wipe walls and ceilings
    5.  Wash mirrors and inside of windows
    6.  Clean toilet, sink
    7.  Scrub shower/tub
    8.  Maintain drains
    9.  Sweep and mop floors
    10. Take out trash

  • Bedroom                                                                                               
    1.       Launder bedding and switch out winter blankets                           
    2.       Make window treatments       
    3.       Wipe mirrors
    4.       Wash inside of windows
    5.       Shampoo carpets
    6.       Clean shelves
    7.       Rotate winter to spring clothes
    8.       Separate items for garage sale
    9.       Shine and protect wood furniture
    10.   Reorganize closets
    11.   Vacuum and flip mattress 
    12.  Launder pillows

    Home Office
    1. Clean window treatments
    2. Wash inside of windows
    3. Shampoo carpets
    4. Shred papers
    5. Reorganize paperwork/books
    6. Clean out files and shred
    7. Dust bookshelf
    8. Shine and protect wood furniture
     Happy Spring Cleaning!

    "The personality of a house is indefineable, but there never lived a lady of great cultivation and charm whose home, whether a palace, a farm cottage or a tiny apartment, did not reflect the charm of its owner."
    Emily Post (1873-1960) 
    The Well-Appointed House: 1922


    1. o yes! i ALWAYS wear my pearls and fancy dress to clean my house! that's quite a list you have going! good luck and happy cleaning...


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