Golden Yule

The combination of gold leaves, pearl berries, clusters of seashells, pine cones and poinsettia is so beautiful in this Golden Yule collection at Neiman Marcus.  Once Spring comes around and the thrifting season begins I cannot wait to start looking for items that will allow me to recreate this look for less.  If you had to guess, how much do you think this collection would cost? 

Let me give you a few hints.  The beautiful chantilly lace table linen in the smallest size of 108" would cost $1,000.  The gorgeous kissing balls would set you back $84 for the 12" ball and $98 for the 16" ball.

So what do you think? 
Provided you wanted only 9 feet of this exclusive lace made in France and the full set of Maestosa glassware for eight individuals, this collection would cost you no less than $4,740 without shipping or taxes


  1. It is a beautiful look... But a little too $$ by my pocket book... So, yes, a crafting and thrifting one should go.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. That's insane! Okay, it's all beautiful and I would love to have it, but just shy of $5K?!?

    Craziness. It is fun to dream though isn't it?

  3. Queenie Believe: Beautiful but I know that thrifting and crafting can make this collection much more reasonably priced.

    Heathen: It is insane haha! I would also love to have it. I get a lot of ideas from Neiman Marcus and other high end stores but that's as far as that would go. It is nice to dream :)


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