What shoes to wear?

My daily uniform as a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) consists of black workout pants and a tank top.  I don't wear anything too fancy as I spend most of my time cleaning and taking care of my son who enjoys things like rubbing macaroni and cheese in his hair. 

The one time where I get dressed up is for my husband's work party.  This holiday event is held at a beautiful country club. I recently purchased the purple dress above but have no idea what color heels to wear.  Do you think silver would be ok?  I have a pair of shoes that are similar to this... 

I have a feeling that this silver clashes with the gown but then again the model in the picture is wearing silver earring so I could be wrong.  
What do you think?  


  1. Beautiful dress! The silver shoes will absolutely work. In fact, they'll add a bit of Holiday sparkle to the outfit. Easy on the accessories, just add a pair of diamond (or CZ) studs or drop earrings. Have fun at the party!

  2. Thanks Heathen! My husband will feel so relieved to know that we don't have to get shoes haha! It's nice having a second opinion as I do most of my shopping online or by myself in a store. I'll look for some diamond/CZ sparkly earrings to go with the outfit :)

  3. I think the silver will be lovely. The days of being all matchy matchy are over. I think the silver will add a dash of festive holiday cheer to the outfit.
    Have a wonderful time.
    Always Queenie

  4. Thanks Queenie Believe! I love the dress and the shoes that I have so I'm happy they go together :)


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