Winter Wonderland

 A Christmas tree made out of diamonds!
I spent several years of my childhood growing up in Germany.  The town we lived in was surrounded by beautiful forests.  In winter, while driving through the forest, the branches would be so heavy with snow that they bent down creating what looked to be a tunnel of glistening white branches.  Words can't express how gorgeous it was.  It just wouldn't be Christmas without snowflakes, white lights and gorgeous greenery.


 Trendy Tree


 Pier 1 Imports


  1. Beautiful winter wonderland!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Thanks Queenie! I hope you're having a wonderful time this holiday season :)

  3. Oooo these are all lovely. The picture of the little girl is my favourite though, she looks like a Princess. :-)

  4. @RachelSmith133: She looks like a snow princess! That's one of the reasons why I love that photo too :)


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