DIY Valentine Envelope Chair Backer

 I really loved the Pottery Barn envelope chair backer but wanted to customize it at a much more reasonable price. So I used white felt, large red ric rac (only $1.68 at Walmart!), red embroidery thread, sparkly red fabric (also at Walmart) and red felt for the inside.   The original dimensions for the Pottery Barn chair backer is 13" wide and 9" high.  I made mine 14" wide and 8.5" high because that is what I felt looked best on my dining room chairs.

What I did was cut three white felt rectangles.  For the first two rectangles, I cut out a triangle (and used the triangle for the flap) then used red embroidery thread to stitch the pattern along the edges.  For the last white rectangle felt, I glued it to a red piece of felt (so that when you open the envelope you would see the nice red interior rather than just white).  This is why I needed to use double up on the first layers so that the red wouldn't show through.  Then I glued ric rac along the edges of the red felt then placed the double layered white felt on top.  Glue ric rac along the triangles (after using red embroidery thread around the edges) and glue to the envelope.  Then you can add the heart!

The ladies of the Crafting Chicks blog has a wonderful tutorial using stiffened felt and ric rac.  They've got a nice set of step-by-step photos.  I used soft felt from JoAnn's fabric so you could really use either one and be fine :) 


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