Etsy Thursdays: The Polka Dot Shop

It's time for me to revisit some of my favorite Etsy artists.  JeanKnee from The Polka Dot Shop is one of my favorites not only because her beautiful crafts but also because of her fun loving personality.  Here are some of my favorites from her Valentine collection.  Once she gets her Easter crafts out, I will be sure to post those as well in a few weeks :)  Something to keep in mind about Valentine's Day is that many of these crafts would be wonderful for an Alice in Wonderland/Queen of Hearts party, a Spring tea birthday, an engagement party with a romantic vintage feel or even a sweet baby shower.  Just to get some ideas rolling around in your head as you view her creations!

Cake Buntings: Red Heart ( top) and Shabby Chic (bottom)

Cupcake Toppers: Tiny Glass Cinderella Slippers (bottom left), Pretty Cupcake Toppers (top left),  Secret Garden Cupcake Toppers (right)

Party Wand/Cupcake Toppers: Heart Wand (left) and Pretty Rose and Ruffle Cupcake Topper (right)

Embellishments: Pink Heart Embellishments (top left), Heart Embellishments (right), Red Valentine Embellishments (bottom left)


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