Rain Rain Go Away...

We've had a few days of rain here in New York this week.  While it may be dark and dreary outdoors, these rainy day party inspirations sure brighten up my day.

 Cloud Mobile: My Little Jedi

Cloud Dessert Table: Fiskars

Clouds: GoshandGolly

Dessert Table: Pen and Paper Flowers


  1. we've had quite a lot of rainy days this summer here in the northwest and not enough hot ones to dry us out! but i LOVE your joyful party decos! ...still singing in the rain, shari

  2. Thanks Shari :) One of the reasons why the northwest is so beautiful and green is because of the rain. Someday I'll be moving closer to that side of the US because it reminds me of home!

  3. Jen, I can't stop pinning your wonderful pictures on my Pinterest!! There is so much eye candy here!! Love it all!

  4. I'm so glad that you enjoy it Karla! Hopefully the weather is better where you are :)


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