Thrifty Tuesdays: Rosanna Find!

I used to have a post on Tuesdays called Target Tuesdays (featuring finds from the dollar section of the store) but I am going to change it to Thrifty Tuesdays to broaden what I can show.  

I have been on a garage sale kick these past few weekends and I love some of the finds that I've been lucky to get!  This past weekend was no exception.  For years I have been drooling over the Rosanna Decor Bon Bon collection.  I spot it on so many dessert tables but didn't want to shell out the $40 - $75 per item price.  

My favorite item of the bunch was the white footed square bowl.  

I was so close to getting it earlier this year but I am glad that I waited.  Here is the glass bowl that I got at a garage sale this past Saturday for 50 cents. 

Add a few layers of white spray paint, here is the finished piece.

Not bad for $3.50 (bowl + spray paint) right? 

 I may not be able to use the bowl for food without inserting a square glass dish in it first but it would also look nice as a floral vase too.

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  1. I did not know that you could paint glass and make it look so good. What a great piece and great idea.
    Looks like the real thing!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'm following you now and will be back often.


  2. O MY GOSH!! look what you got for 3.5o?! nice job! i commend your patience... SCORE!

  3. You did an outstanding job on this THRIFTY piece!!! Thanks for sharing it at my party.


  4. You are so clever, Jen!
    The bon bon garage sale find is a gem!
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Teresa in CA

  5. WOW! this is fab. I painted a couple of old glass jars and that looked fine, never tried a fruit bowl. Will definitely give it a try.

  6. I love this...kudos to you for a perfect knock off!!!

  7. Thanks everyone! I am always on the lookout for vintage glassware. This is one of my favorite finds :)

  8. ohhhhhhhh how gorgeous!! love it! You did an awesome job there!

  9. Beautiful! It looks almost identical to the expensive one! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I've enjoyed looking at yours and I'm now your newest follower! :)

  10. love it!!! what a fabulous piece!!!


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