Thrifty Tuesdays: DIY Pinata

My son's birthday party is about two weeks away.  When I saw this picture online a few weeks ago I wanted to do something similar for my little man.

Etsy: Peekaboo Photos

After finding huge roll of turquoise crepe paper at a garage sale, I decided it was time to make the pinata.  

Make your pinata box
Step 1: Find a box about the size you want your pinata/photo prop to be.
Step 2: Draw an outline of the letter or number you want.
Step 3: Cut out your desired shape.  You'll notice that I didn't completely cut out bottom.  That's because I wanted to fold it in as you'll see in Step 4.
Step 4: Cut out strips to seal in the sides or you can do what I did and just fold in the flaps that you made in Step 3.
Step 5: Tape up the edges and you're ready to begin gluing on your prepared crepe paper!

Making Fringe Crepe Paper Strips
Step 1: Cut out a long strip of crepe paper
Step 2: Fold over until you have a thick roll (but not so thick you can't cut through it!)
Step 3: Cut the crepe paper along both edges.  (About 1/4th of an inch is how far apart I cut mine).
Step 4: Unroll the crepe paper
Step 5: Fold the crepe paper lengthwise and begin gluing the strips on your pinata.  It makes it easier to start from the bottom and gradually move your way up.

The total cost: 25 cents!
(Box was free, Elmers glue and packing tape we already had, crepe paper 25 cents at a garage sale)

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  1. Oh this is perfect timing. My son's birthday is coming up and what a great addition to a party. Thanks for sharing. Would love for you to link up at my party at

    Hope to see you there,

  2. Thank you for your comment Kim! I will definitely link up to your party :)


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